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Terrazzo Floor Polishing Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Terrazzo floors are durable, attractive, and easy to maintain—when cared for properly. With a variety of sealers and polishes available, it’s important to choose products suited for your specific terrazzo’s needs. In this guide, we’ll explore the best terrazzo floor polish options and how to polish terrazzo floors by hand or with machines. We’ll also address terrazzo floor cleaner and polish combinations along with general care and maintenance tips. By the end, you’ll feel confident polishing your terrazzo to keep its beauty shining through for decades.

Why Polish Terrazzo Floors?

terrazzo floor polish
terrazzo floor polish

There are a few key reasons why terrazzo floor polishing on a regular basis is important:


A protective polish layer seals in the terrazzo, safeguarding against damage from moisture, chemicals, and other threats.


Regular polishing maintains a lustrous sheen and makes designs “pop.” Dull, neglected terrazzo can look worn.


With proper care, terrazzo can last 50+ years. Polishing extends the life of floors by preventing cracking and deterioration.


Polishing supports hygienic conditions by facilitating thorough cleaning and removing germs/bacteria.

Slip resistance

Some polishes impart additional slip resistance, important for safety in kitchens and other high-traffic areas.

By terrazzo floor polish periodically according to manufacturer instructions, homeowners and building owners enjoy floors that retain maximum beauty with minimum long-term maintenance.

Terrazzo Floor Polishing Products to Consider

When it’s time to polish terrazzo floors, the best options deliver protection with shine. Here are five of the top terrazzo floor polish products:

TriNova Terrazzo Floor Polish

Suitable for both hand and machine application, this polish provides rich luster and durable protection against scuffs.

Miracle Sealants 511 Seal & Finish

A versatile,5-in-1 formula that cleans, seals, and protects in one step for fast, effective polishing.

Bona Tile & Stone Polish

This polish highlights intricate color blends and patterns while shielding terrazzo from stains and wear.

StoneTech BulletProof Sealer

As the name suggests, this intensive sealer for polishing penetrates to ward off spills and moisture damage.

TriNova Pre Gel

This pre-polish gel tackles stubborn dirt before final polishing for terrazzo floors restoration.

When coupled with proper techniques, any of these polishes expertly revive terrazzo’s grandeur. Choosing terrazzo floor polish for your specific conditions and budget ensures long-lasting protection.

How to Polish Terrazzo Floors by Hand

For small residential terrazzo floors, hand-polishing offers effective results with low cost:

Gather Materials – You’ll need aterrazzo floor polish and cleaner of choice, soft cloths, and a hand buffer or terrazzo polishing pad.

Clean the Terrazzo

First, sweep and mop or vacuum thoroughly to remove debris and dirt.

Apply the Polish

Pour or spray a quarter-sized amount onto the polishing pad/cloth and buff in a circular motion across a 2×2′ section at a time.

Allow to Haze

Let the polish haze for 5-10 minutes before buffing the next section.

Buff and Inspect

Gently buff the hazed section with a dry cloth until the haze disappears and the terrazzo sparkles. Check for missed spots and re-polish as needed.

Reapply Protective Coat

Once fully polished, apply an additional coat of polish and buff until completely dry for enhanced protection.

With regular hand-polishing, small terrazzo floors will stay exquisitely gleaming. Consider machine polishing for larger commercial areas.

How to Polish Terrazzo Floors with Machines

Larger floors demand the heavy dutyterrazzo polishing obtained through professional-grade machines:

Strip Old Wax/Sealer

For refinishing, a heavy-duty stripper removes buildup using a rotary buffer or auto-scrubber.

Deep Clean

Pressure washing or an alkaline cleaner degreases and readies the terrazzo surface.

Polish and Buff

Apply polish with a 175-300 RPM swing single or dual action floor machine fitted with a terrazzo polishing pad or brush.

Burnish the Finish

Use a high-speed burnisher (1,000-1,500 RPM) and synthetic buffing pad to create a reflective sheen.

Apply Protective Topcoat

For high-traffic floors, a more durable topcoat sealant guards against scuffs.

Dry Completely

Allow at least 24 hours to dry fully before exposing to traffic.

Professionals have the tools to buff large terrazzo floors quickly while delivering stunning, long-lasting results. Considermachine polishing periodically for restored splendor.

Homemade Terrazzo Floor Polish Recipes

For occasional touch-ups of smaller areas, you can even make a terrazzo floor polish at home:

Lemon Oil Polish

Mix equal parts lemon oil and mineral spirits or turpentine for a simple, pH-balanced polish that nourishes terrazzo.

Beeswax Furniture Polish

Use a 50/50 blend of beeswax and olive or mineral oil, melting wax in oil over low heat. Apply and buff for protection with a natural shine.

Mineral Oil Furniture Polish

Combine 1/2 cup each mineral oil and olive oil, along with 20 drops lemon essential oil for a revitalizing homemade polish.

Carnauba Wax Polish

Mix 1/4 cup carnauba wax flakes into 1 cup mineral oil; heat, stir until dissolved. Buff onto terrazzo for a mirror-like gloss.

While not as durable as store-bought polishes, these natural formulas offer budget-friendly options for occasional spot-touchups between professional polishings. Just like commercial polishes, buff well for a finished look.

Professional Terrazzo Polishing Services

For maximum results on large commercial terrazzo floors, seeking expert polishing professionals makes great sense. Qualified service providers can completely recondition terrazzo through the following process:

Deep Cleaning

Specialized equipment deep cleans embedded dirt before any work begins.

Scuff Sanding

Low-grit screened diamonds are used to scuff terrazzo surfaces, prepping for polishing.


A solvent-based penetrating sealer protects terrazzo from within on contact.


High-speed swing/rotary machines and specialized abrasive pads are used to grind, buff and achieve ultimate shine.

Maintaining the Shine between Polishing sessions

While periodic professional polishing is best for commercial-grade protection, simple maintenance between services helps terrazzo floors retain polished splendor in everyday use:

  • Sweep or dust mop regularly to minimize abrasive debris exposure.
  • Spot-clean spills immediately using a terrazzo floor cleaner before residue sets in.
  • Use dry or damp mopping as needed with pH-balanced cleaners not containing waxes or oils.
  • Periodically spot-apply polish to heavily trafficked areas for additional shielding.
  • Limit direct sun and implement mats at building entrances.
  • Furnish furniture pads under items expected to be dragged across floors.

With low-effort maintenance daily and regular polishing professionally as recommended, terrazzo floors thrive as durable, sparkling centerpieces of any environment for years to come.


Whether maintaining residential terrazzo floors or meticulously polishing large commercial installations, choosing the right protective polish products and techniques means terrazzo’s magnificence endures. WhileDIY touch-ups suffice between deep professional cleanings for smaller areas, seeking expert polishing services delivers fully restored splendor large floors deserve. By focusing on protection, appearance upkeep and safety compliance, terrazzo can stand the test of time while elevating any space with its natural beauty. With a commitment to proper care, terrazzo polishing yields floors that impress for decades.