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Granite Floor Tiles: Durability, Affordability, and Style

When it comes to choosing a flooring material for your home or office, granite floor tiles are a popular choice. Known for their durability, affordability, and stylish designs, granite floor tiles have become a go-to option for many homeowners and designers. 


In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of granite floor tiles and the various options available. In Mowell, MA, SF marble and granite provides the best marble flooring and granite countertops services.

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Durability Of Granite Floor Tiles

One of the key benefits of granite floor tiles is their durability. Granite is a natural stone that is known for its strength and longevity. Here are some of the features that make granite floor tiles durable:

  • Hardness: Granite is one of the hardest natural stones, making it resistant to scratches, dents, and other types of damage.
  • Resistance to moisture: Granite has a low porosity, which means it doesn’t absorb moisture easily. This makes it an ideal flooring material for areas that are prone to spills and moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Heat resistance: Granite can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for areas with heat sources, such as fireplaces and radiant heating systems.

Affordability Of Granite Floor Tiles

Contrary to popular belief, granite floor tiles can be an affordable flooring option. While there are luxury granite options available that can be quite expensive, there are also affordable options that offer the same benefits. Here are some factors that affect the cost of granite floor tiles:

  • Grade: Granite is graded based on its quality, with higher grades being more expensive. However, lower grade granite can still be a durable and affordable option.
  • Thickness: Thicker granite floor tiles are more expensive than thinner ones.
  • Finish: The finish of the granite can affect its price, with polished finishes being more expensive than honed or flamed finishes.

Large Format Granite Floor Tiles

Large format tiles are becoming increasingly popular in the flooring industry, and granite floor tiles are no exception. Large format tiles are defined as tiles that are larger than 12×12 inches. 

Here are some benefits of large format granite floor tiles:

  • Fewer grout lines: Large format tiles have fewer grout lines, which can make a space appear larger and more streamlined.
  • Easy maintenance: With fewer grout lines, large format tiles are easier to clean and maintain.
  • Modern look: Large format tiles can give a space a modern and sophisticated look.

Non-Slip Granite Floor Tiles

Safety is a crucial consideration when choosing a flooring material, especially in areas that are prone to moisture or spills. Here are some features that make granite floor tiles non-slip:


  • Texture: Granite floor tiles can be finished with a textured surface, which can provide better traction and prevent slips and falls.
  • Polished finish: While polished granite can be slippery when wet, it can be treated with a slip-resistant coating to enhance its slip resistance.
  • Honed finish: Honed granite has a matte finish that can provide better traction than polished granite.

Stylish Granite Floor Tile Designs

Tiles of granite installation are available in a variety of styles and colors, making them a versatile flooring option. Here are some popular design options:

  • Solid colors: Solid-colored granite floor tiles can provide a sleek and modern look to a space.
  • Speckled or flecked: Granite with speckled or flecked patterns can add depth and texture to a space.
  • Veined: Granite with veined patterns can provide a dramatic and elegant look to a space.
  • Custom designs: Granite floor tiles can be customized with patterns, colors, and shapes to fit any design aesthetic.


It’s important to consider factors such as durability, affordability, slip resistance, and design options. By doing so, you can select the best granite floor tile for your needs and enjoy its benefits for years to come.

When installing granite floor tiles, it’s essential to hire a professional installer who has experience working with natural stone. Proper installation can ensure that the tiles are level, stable, and durable, and prevent problems such as cracking or shifting. Contact us to get the best granite floor installation services.

FAQs about Granite Floor Tiles

How Durable Are Granite Floor Tiles?

Granite floor tiles are known for their durability. They are resistant to scratches, dents, and other types of damage. Additionally, they have a low porosity, making them resistant to moisture and suitable for high traffic areas

Are Granite Floor Tiles Affordable?

Yes, there are affordable options available for granite floor tiles. The cost of granite floor tiles can vary depending on factors such as grade, thickness, and finish. Lower grade granite and thinner tiles can be a more affordable option, while polished finishes can be more expensive.

Are Granite Floor Tiles Slippery?

Granite floor tiles can be slippery when wet, especially if they have a polished finish. However, they can be treated with a slip-resistant coating or finished with a textured surface to enhance their slip resistance.

What Design Options Are Available For Granite Floor Tiles?

 Granite floor tiles are available in a variety of design options, including solid colors, speckled or flecked patterns, veined patterns, and custom designs. This makes them a versatile flooring option that can fit any design aesthetic.

Are Granite Floor Tiles Environmentally Friendly?

Granite is a natural stone that is mined from the earth, and its production process has a relatively low environmental impact. Additionally, granite floor tiles can be recycled or reused at the end of their life, reducing waste in landfills

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