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Cutting Granite Countertops: Expert Tips & Step-by-Step Guide

Granite countertops are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their durability, aesthetic appeal, and ability to add value to a home. However, cutting granite countertops can be a challenging task if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of cutting granite countertops, provide expert tips, and highlight the essential tools needed to achieve a flawless finish.

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What to Know Before You Start Cutting Granite Countertops

cutting granite countertops

Before diving into the process of cutting granite countertops, it’s important to understand the nature of granite and the challenges it presents. Granite is a hard, dense natural stone, which makes it resistant to scratches and heat. However, these same properties make it difficult to cut without the proper tools and techniques.

Essential Tools and Materials

To successfully cut granite countertops, you’ll need the following tools and materials:

Granite cutting blade

A diamond saw blade is essential for cutting through granite.

Granite cutting tools

These include an angle grinder, wet saw, and circular saw.

Granite cutting machine

A CNC machine or a stone cutting machine can offer precision cuts.

Polishing pads

These are used to smooth the edges after cutting.

Measuring tape and marker

For accurate measurements and marking cut lines.

Safety gear

Safety glasses, gloves, and a dust mask to protect yourself from granite dust.

How to Cut Granite Countertop?

Cutting granite countertops requires precision and patience. Follow these steps to achieve a professional result:

Measure and Mark

Start by measuring the dimensions of the countertop space where the granite will be installed. Use a measuring tape and a marker to draw the cut lines on the granite slab. Ensure that the measurements are accurate to avoid any mistakes.

Set Up Your Workspace

Set up your workspace in a well-ventilated area. Granite dust can be harmful if inhaled, so it’s important to work in a space where dust can be controlled. Place the granite slab on a stable surface with support on both sides of the cut line.

Secure the Granite Slab

Use clamps to secure the granite slab in place. This will prevent the slab from shifting during cutting, which can lead to uneven cuts or damage to the stone.

How do I Cut a Granite Countertop with Right Cutting Blade?

Attach a diamond granite cutting saw blade to your cutting tool. A diamond saw blade is specifically designed for cutting hard materials like granite. If you’re using an angle grinder or a circular saw, ensure that the blade is appropriate for the tool.

Start Cutting

Begin cutting along the marked lines with slow, steady movements. If you’re using a wet saw or sharp cutting blade for granite, keep the blade wet to reduce dust and keep the blade cool. For dry cutting, use a vacuum attachment to capture dust. Patience is key; rushing the process can result in uneven edges or damage to the granite.

Can You Cut Granite at Home?

Yes, you can cut granite at home if you have the right tools and follow the proper steps. Cutting granite countertops at home can be a cost-effective solution compared to hiring a professional. However, it’s important to note that cutting granite requires precision and care. If you’re not confident in your skills, it might be best to seek professional help.

Changing a Sink in Granite Countertops

If you’re looking to change a sink in your granite countertop, the process involves cutting a new hole or enlarging the existing one. Here are the steps to follow:

Measure the Sink

Measure the dimensions of the new sink and mark the outline on the granite countertop. Use a template if provided by the sink manufacturer.

Prepare the Workspace

Remove any items from the countertop and secure the granite slab with clamps. Ensure the workspace is well-ventilated and wear safety gear.

Cut the Granite

Use a diamond saw blade or sharp cutting blade for granite to cut along the marked lines. Make sure to cut slowly and steadily to avoid chipping the granite. After cutting, smooth the granite edges with polishing pads.

Can You Cut Granite Countertops After They Are Installed?

Cutting granite countertops after they are installed is more challenging but not impossible. Here are some considerations:

Tools and Techniques

Use a handheld angle grinder with a diamond blade for smaller cuts. For larger cuts, a circular saw with a diamond blade can be used. Make sure to protect surrounding surfaces and appliances from dust and debris.

Safety Precautions

Cutting granite in place can generate a lot of dust. Use a vacuum attachment to capture dust and wear protective gear. Be mindful of the structural integrity of the countertop; cutting too aggressively can weaken the stone.

Can I Change My Granite Countertops?

Changing granite countertops involves removing the existing countertops and installing new ones. Here are the steps involved:

Remove the Old Countertops

Start by disconnecting any plumbing and removing the sink. Use a pry bar to carefully lift the granite slabs from the cabinets. Be cautious to avoid damaging the cabinets or the surrounding area.

Prepare for New Installation

Clean the cabinets and ensure they are level. Measure and cut the new granite slabs to fit the countertop space. Follow the steps outlined in the “How to Cut a Granite Countertop” section for precise cuts.

Install the New Countertops

Place the new granite slabs on the cabinets and secure them with adhesive. Reconnect the plumbing and install the sink. Seal the granite edges to prevent water damage.

Additional Tips for Cutting Granite Countertops

Use the Right Cutting Tools

Having the right tools for granite cutting is crucial. An angle grinder with a diamond blade is perfect for smaller cuts and detailed work. A wet saw is ideal for larger cuts, as it reduces dust and keeps the blade cool. A CNC machine or stone cutting machine can provide precise cuts for more complex shapes.

Ensure Safety

Safety should be a priority when cutting granite. Always wear safety glasses, gloves, and a dust mask. Granite dust can be harmful if inhaled, so work in a well-ventilated area and use dust control measures.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re new to cutting granite, practice on a scrap piece before attempting your main project. This will help you get a feel for the tools and techniques, reducing the risk of mistakes on your actual countertop.

Can you Cut Granite? With These Common Issues

Uneven Cuts

If your cuts are uneven, it could be due to an unstable workspace or moving too quickly. Ensure your granite slab is securely clamped and cut slowly with steady pressure.

Chipped Edges

Chipped cutting edge granite can occur if the blade is dull or if you cut too aggressively. Use a high-quality diamond blade and make slow, steady cuts. After cutting, smooth the edges with polishing pads to achieve a clean finish.

Dust Control

Granite cutting generates a significant amount of dust, while using saw. Use wet cutting techniques to minimize dust or a vacuum attachment to capture dust during dry cutting. Always work in a well-ventilated area and wear a dust mask.


Cutting granite countertops can be a rewarding DIY project with the right tools and knowledge. By following the expert tips and step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can achieve professional results and enjoy the beauty and durability of granite in your home. Whether you’re changing a sink, cutting granite at home, or considering replacing your countertops, these techniques will help you navigate the process with confidence and precision.

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