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Tumbled Limestone Floor Tiles

Tumbled limestone floor tiles is a common type of carbonate sedimentary rock that is composed mostly of the mineral calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate. Limestone forms when these materials participate out of water containing dissolved calcium. It is also formed almost exclusively by organisms in seawater although there are some freshwater limestones too.  

Limestone is extensively used in road and building construction and it is a material that is in a great amount in cement, building stones, chalk, and crushed stone. Limestone tiles are cut and processed into a different number of different finishes and different styles. These are also customized as per the requirement of your house as well as an environment.  

Tumbled is an aged, worn, and bleached outlook with rounded-off edges. This tumbled limestone has edges and corners slightly round-shaped. These stones give some old and vintage finished look. Tumbled limestone floor tile can cost you different prices as per your expectations and add customization. Limestone is a very porous store which means it will soak up water add can be stained very easily if it is not properly maintained over some time.  

Proper repair and maintenance are required for tumbled limestone flooring to protect your stone damage for a long period. This shape of limestone is popular for use all around the home. This can be used as an outdoor application as it brings a stylish and rustic look to the traditional home patio  

Tumbled limestone tile floors can also look fantastic on bathroom floors and proves to be a good choice for the living or dining room. If tumbled limestone is properly maintained, they are not slippery at all and therefore safe to use for everyone

French Limestone Flooring

As limestone is a natural stone, French limestone is one of the noblest limestones in the world. It is considered the ultimate limestone for prestigious building projects due to its softness of the color palette and its durability. Although you can find limestone deposits all over the world, French limestone does hold in one’s memory as extraordinary.  

There are many cultures across the world throughout the centuries that have created beauties from limestone material but the French culture has more than a savoir-faire for molding limestone into magnificent and luxurious buildings. For example, the Lavier, valley in France. There are many such ancient and luxurious histories with French limestone.  

Just like a normal limestone, French limestone can also be used as a floor. This limestone is good for a kitchen floor as it is very hard-wearing and has easy-to-clean properties. French limestone flooring retains heat and will naturally adjust to the temperature of the room but for adding warmth, underfloor heating can be installed beneath the stones.  

Limestone has a high visual composition which makes the floor tiles extremely durable. French limestones are usually used in the hallway’s floorings. Because of its durability and popular color palette, French limestone has been the material of choice for many prestigious buildings across England and the world.  

French stone, for centuries, has been used to build vast, cozy, and ruler guides across France and was the main building material for much of the Paris including the famous landmarks such as the Louvre and Les Invalides. French limestone offers strengths to the floorings and paving to stand all that modern life can throw at them. French limestones are very dense and extremely durable making a material perfect choice for flooring in a busy household as well as for outdoors in commercial settings. 

Tumbled Limestone Floor Tiles

Limestone Flooring Cost

Limestone tiles are a better bargain as compared to something like marble or granite. there are many options in the market when you are shopping for limestone tile. The limestone flooring cost depends upon the   

  • Thickness  
  • Quality  
  • Color  
  • Finish of the tile  

The better the quality of the limestone tiles, the better amount you have to pay. Most of the limestone flooring costs from $3 to $10 range per individual tile. The cost of covering your entire bathroom or kitchen will depend upon the surface area that you are working on. The costs change when you go to adopt the tiles in your garage or outdoor flooring.  


Being a homeowner, you get an option to install limestone flooring by yourself or take the help of professionals. Installation of limestone flooring through professionals will come with the additional installation cost. Even if you try to install it by yourself, you have to bear the extra cost of materials including a wet saw, which would cost you as much as hiring a professional.  

Most of the professional flooring installers charged up to $6 to $17.00 per square foot.  

This is because they use the best quality sealer that will prevent stains and moisture damage to your limestone stone and help you protect your long-term investments. SF Marble and Granite offers the most affordable and exquisite limestone flooring installation services with the help of professionals. The expert uses up-to-date techniques and installs kits for better results. 

Limestone is a very durable natural stone. It can be used with the help of sealers to protect the surface of the tiles and keep it safe from any stains. This will make it easier to clean. Limestone flooring increases the aesthetics of your house. Like every natural stone, there are different pros and cons attached to limestone flooring. Following pros should be considered while opting for a limestone flooring  

  • it is affordable as compared to the other natural stones  
  • it has a beautiful appearance and texture  
  • it is versatile.  
  • It is durable more than softwood flooring options  
  • it gives you a pretty look within your budget  
  • Its renovation materials do not harm the planet earth  

Just like its vast number of advantages, there are a different number of cons attached to it. Nothing is perfect and everything went through damage.  

  • It requires high maintenance and good take care  
  • It is expensive as compared to the other artificial options like vinyl or ceramic  
  • it’s larger quite heavy  
  • it is a forest stone and can chip easily as compared to other natural stones  
  • They are more fragile and cannot withstand unlimited traffic  

If you are going for any of the options, choose the best for yourself. SF Marble & Granite helps you understand the major factors that will help you in long run. Limestone needs regular maintenance to avoid any staining and you need to be very careful when it comes to cleaning to avoid scratching the surface. So, it is better if you go for professionals to maintain the beauty with the additional installation cost. 

Limestone Flooring Pros and Cons

Limestone Tile Floor Cost

Limestone is a better bargain natural stone as compared to something like marble and granite. Limestone tile floors are available in neutral colors ranging from ivory to golden brown and are often used in kitchens and bathrooms or to pave shower floors or pools or patio areas. Limestone has typically a rustic or ancient look and of which it can be mistaken for travertine. But it is much smoother as compared to travertine with mostly neutral colors. While travertine tends to have more imperfections and grain and has a wide range of colors.   


Limestone tile floor cost depends upon the range of the size in which they are available. They are available in small pieces up to 36″x36″ tiles or large slabs. But the most common limestone tile floor ranges from 12″x12″, 16″x16″ and 18″x18″.  


The average price is about $3 to $10 a square foot for just the limestone floor tiles depending upon their thickness or color. Your price range depends upon the option you are going to choose for your bathroom or kitchen floor. Generally, less expensive limestones will be softer and more porous.  


Depending on the local rates and the complexity of the project the professional installation cost usually increases from $600 to $1700 for a 10×10-foot bathroom although there can be a minimum charge for small projects.  


SF Marble & Granite offers you the services and lay limestone flooring carefully and accurately on a well-prepared surface. If the tiles are not properly supported or they are uneven, they may break or chip under pressure. Choose only the right material and right flooring for yourself.

Is Limestone Flooring Good For Home Décor?

Limestone can bring a natural and neutral backdrop, whether used inside or outside of the house. Limestone ancient-colored pops out the room décor making it a good option to increase the aesthetics of your house as well as to increase the value of your property.

Do All Companies Provide The Same Limestone Quality Everywhere?

Many companies in the market offer different limestones services to their customers. Only choose a company with a great portfolio and authentic customer reviews to install limestone stone flooring of the best quality and save your money.  

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