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Professional Granite Cutting Tools: Choose SF Marble Granite

Working with granite requires the proper granite cutting tools to split and shape thick slabs into beautiful countertops, tiles and building materials. This guide covers essentials like wet saws, blades and techniques for both DIY homeowners and professionals to competently cut granite. From essential machines to methods, learning to accurately cut stone is an important process.

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Tools for Granite Cutting

granite cutting tools
granite cutting tools

Granite is an elegant yet durable choice for countertops, but proper tools are necessary to work with this dense stone. With the right granite cutting tools and techniques, both professionals and DIYers can transform raw slabs into beautiful surfaces.

Granite cutting machine

Granite cutter machine

One of the most essential granite cutting tools is a wet tile/stone cutting machine. Also called a granite saw, this machine makes straight cuts and features a circular diamond blade that continuously feeds water to keep the blade cool and prevent dust. Look for entry-level wet saws perfect for homeowners’ occasional use or heavier-duty saws for stone fabricators.

Granite cutting machine

Similar granite cutting tools include dry cut saws for safer indoor cutting. These contain the mess and use diamond discs instead of continuous rim blades. Angle grinders also work in a pinch with an abrasive blade, but control can be tricky. Stoneworking pros rely on computer-guided bridge saws for precision cuts.

Stone cutting machine

Wet saws like the Bosch PS50 for wet/dry cutting are ideal for granite due to their affordability and 12-inch cutting capacity. Dewalt also offers impressive 14-inch stone and tile cutting machines. Larger models may be best for frequent cutting needs.

Countertop cutting machine

Professionals frequently use Makita 10-inch wet tile saws or 14-inch Hitachi cut-off saws costing over $1,000, but these saws are too heavy-duty for occasional DIY use. Homeowners can still achieve excellent results using high-quality wet saws from $300-$600.

Granite cutting blade

Cutting blade for granite

Proper granite cutting tools start with the blade. Look for diamond cutting wheels or discs specifically designed for stone, not ceramic tile. Make sure the blade is at least 1/8-inch thick for durability. Most popular are 10-14 inch diameter segmented diamond blades, continually supplying water to lubricate and cool the blade.

Best blade for cutting granite

For the cleanest cuts at low speeds, choose top-quality wheels like the Bosch T101A4 or Diamond Tech 14-115. Cheaper blades may nick or chip granite. Multi-layer diamond particle construction on premium blades stays sharp cutting curves. Replace blades before they wear down for best results.

Cutting edge granite

Thin-kerf blades slice through granite with less chipping or cracking compared to standard blades. For straight, angular cuts in slabs, a thin-kerf 1/8 or 3/32 inch blade suffices. Consider platinum-tipped wheels for detailed curves and tighter corners where strength and precision matter most in fabrication.

Granite cutting saw

Cutting granite with circular saw

While not ideal, a circular saw equipped with a masonry-cutting blade can rough shape granite if using a guide and going slowly. Cut submerged for safety. A multi-tool sander also works grinding carefully. However, a wet tile saw provides more control essential for tight cuts and edges that fit perfectly.

How to cut granite?

Learning how to cut granite allows you to transform raw slabs into gorgeous countertops and surfaces. This guide explains the granite cutting tools and techniques needed to make straight cuts, radius edges and sink cutouts with precision. You’ll discover the best saws, diamond blades and methods for marking, scoring and trimming granite cleanly. Follow these steps for DIY projects or professional furniture fabrication.

DIY granite cutting with granite cutting tools

Start any granite cutting project by measuring and marking lines precisely on the stone surface using a pencil. Clamp a straightedge cutting guide to accurately run the saw along or drill starter holes inside tight curves. Always cut granite pieces oversized then finish edges afterwards for the smoothest results.

Granite cutting and polishing

Wear proper eye and respiratory protection anytime working with saws or grinding stone. Cut submerged in water for cleaner production and safety. Let slabs fully dry before moving. Remaining holes may require patching with color-matched epoxy or re-cutting for a seamless finish.

How to cut granite countertop with granite cutting tools

Most homeowners can cut granite with the right granite cutting tools, a steady hand and practice cuts to gain skill. Score lines first with a diamond scribing tool before wet cutting. Cut sheets oversize allowing 1⁄4-inch extra on all sides for an invisible finished edge later on through polish and seal.

Cutting granite countertops with granite cutting tools

Dry-fit all pieces before final cuts to ensure proper fit. Clamp a straightedge cutting guide to prevent chipped corners. Let water wash away slurry while cutting. Hone edges using an orbital sander and diamond pads to smooth away small imperfections. Then polish edges with a coarse-grit polishing system.

How to cut granite at home?

DIYers just need to proceed carefully, take measurements twice and focus on strong, safe technique when sawing granite at home. Cut a small practice piece first. Rent larger equipment if handling extra-dense granite slabs. Otherwise, smaller household cuts are certainly doable with the right granite cutting tools and know-how.

How to cut granite countertop for sink?

Cutting sink openings requires marking measurements precisely onto granite alongside a template. Use a jigsaw or router with a diamond blade inserted to carve out the rounded shape slowly. Drill starter holes first into tight internal curves for clean jigsaw work. Dry-fit before final polish shaping sink edges.

What are some of the best ways to cut granite countertops?

Granite countertops can be professionally installed or you can cut them yourself to save money. This guide shows you how to cut granite countertops with the right tools like a wet saw and proper technique. Learn how to measure and mark cuts accurately, use guides for straight lines, polish edges flush and make detailed radius cuts around sinks. Master these skills and you’ll transform raw slabs into beautiful granite countertops.

Can you cut granite countertops?

Yes, with the granite cutting tools most homeowners can successfully cut granite countertops for plumbing cutouts, peninsulas or unusual shapes. Start by practicing on scrap pieces first. Always use a cutting guide and go gradually while fully submerging pieces in water for cleaner results.

Can you cut on a granite countertop?

It’s best to avoid direct cutting on finished countertop surfaces if possible out of risk cutting into the protective sealer. Instead, perform any necessary cuts to sinks or backsplashes on the underside before installation. Always wash, dry and reseal cut surfaces afterward to restore protection.

Can you cut on granite counters?

Light scores can sometimes be done on granite countertops if using caution, but deeper cuts carry risk of damaging the surface, especially for softer granites. Instead, cut excess material away before installation and make any post-install cuts from below where possible to the sub-layer, not sealed top.

Can you cut on granite?

While granite can technically be cut, it’s always best using the proper tools and setting up a cutting station away from valuable finished surfaces. Let a countertop fabricator handle major re-cuts or modifications as their tools cause less chipping than homeowners’ saws. Cut edges also require skilled finishing.

Cutting a granite countertop?

Whether upgrading sinks or doing a full remodel, carefully score and cut granite countertops using a guide clamped to the underside for straight cuts. Polish all edges with an orbital sander ensuring a flawless finished appearance. Shield countertops and seal polished edges before installation.

How can i cut granite?

To safely and cleanly cut granite, use a granite cutting tools such as wet saw with diamond blade, always in a controlled cutting environment and with proper gear. Measure and mark lines precisely before clamping a straightedge guide. Let the reinforced diamond-grit do the work by running the saw gently and smoothly along lines at a consistent speed and water flow.

Granite cutting services

For large fabrications, engineered quartz installations or complex renovation requiring CNC equipment, consider professional granite cutting services. Experts ensure the right granite cutting tools and finishes result in perfectly cut and seamless polished countertops for the best outcomes in any kitchen or bathroom project.

Oscillating tool blade for cutting tile and granite?

An oscillating multi-tool doubles as a versatile granite cutting tools for homeowners. While not as fast as a wet saw, it safely contours around sinks and appliances inside the home.

Multi-tool blades for stone

Look for carbide-tipped multi-tool blades specifically designed for granite, marble, and tile. Reciprocatingaction gently scores material for snapping or nibbling away pieces. Go slowly applying light pressure for precise curves.

Cutting granite with oscillator

Use a scoring tool first to mark cutting lines before outfitting an oscillating tool with a masonry blade. Let the oscillation do the work by running along scored lines to carve out shapes. Work in small sections rinsing away particulates frequently.

Best multi-tool for granite

Top-rated oscillating tools like the Fein MultiMaster and Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool excel cutting tile and stone. Opt for variable speed control and integrated dust collection for smoothest multi-purpose cutting. Always wear proper eye and lung protection.


Proper granite cutting tools and techniques are necessary to safely and accurately cut granite slabs. With practice, both professionals and DIYers can develop the skills needed to fabricate countertops, tiles and more using saws, blades and various methods. Always take proper precautions and focus on precision planning for a flawless finished result.

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